1.4 Edit images’ metadata and submit them

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After upload files by web-page or FTP account, you can edit them to fill the title and keywords in. You can follow this thread to submit your files.



 Click Organise Images, and you can see the Orgnizer Page.



Click Edit Images to check the files which have been uploaded completely.



imageIn general case, click edit all button to push the work flow to the next step. If you want to edit one picture at once, you can click the edit link under the picture.



Now, you can edit your files’ metadata and price.



Set the drop list according to the image’s content. If you want to edit two or more images at once you can just check the checkbox above the preview image. And then you can find the metadata and keyword are synchronized. It is important that you must sellect the right stats about the modele release and property release.  



You can set price for your images. And we provide 6 default price templates. Or you can creat your own template with current price. If you do not need use any template or you want to delete some templates, you can click “X” after the name of template.



If you check “Same price on all size”, you can set a single price to this image. And customers will see only one price option in the detail page.


 Yeah! Submit successfully! Now click OK to end this work flow.


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