Search an image BY AN IMAGE not keyword? YES, WE CAN!

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Search by images

You can use Image Search by click the “Camera” icon on the right side of the search box then upload an image from your computer or copy a URL of an image from internet.

You can also drag an image into the page, this is only support the browser IE 10 or above version.

You will find the most similar images through our image search technology.

Search with keywords

Start designers’ search by typing a keyword into the search box at the top of any page of our site. A keyword is any word designers could use to describe the kind of image you’re looking for. For better results, separate keywords with a space.

Search by Category

The entire SIM images are divided into categories. These are common themes that group images and include things like Animals, Business and Lifestyle. You can filter results by clicking on the category which you want just on the right side of the search box.

Search by ID

If you know the ID of the image you’d like to purchase, you can enter it into the search box and be taken directly to the close-up page for that image.

Refine search

On the results page there is a drop-down menu below the search box where you can narrow down your search by file elements. All of the elements your chose will appear on the right side of the drop-down menu. If you’d like to remove an element, simply click X next to it.

Sorting Results

Above your search results are menus called “Sort by”.

By clicking on it you can re-order your results by:

  • Best match
  • Latest
  • Sales
  • Rating
  • Price

Search by Contributor

If there’s a particular contributor designers are fond of, they can get to his/her home page by click “Contributor”.

On this page designers can get to contributor home pages directly from the quick search box. Simply type the first few letters of a contributor’s SIM name and you’ll see a list of potential matches. You can also search for a contributor alphabetically or by their rating on SIM.

Search Results Are Zero

If the search has yielded zero results, it most likely means you’re being too specific (or you’re searching for something really unusual). Try removing keywords from your search, or changing some of your refinements to generate more matches.


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